Strong random password with a bookmarklet

I create all sorts of passwords rather often, be it for me or for my clients. Until today, I always sort of let my hands use the free-fall feature and generated some random characters just by dropping them onto the keyboard. Then I added upper/lower case character and a symbol here and there. I tried to use random password generators before but the above procedure was always faster than locating and executing a special-purpose application. Well, today it occurred to me that a bookmarklet would be a much better solution. The browser is always running and having the bookmarklet in the bookmark toolbar makes using it a single-click job.

So, you know the drill. Drag this onto your bookmark toolbar:

Random Password

It uses code from str_shuffle() (project php.js) – thanks guys!

You can edit the javascript code and change the set of characters that are used in the password (str). You can also change the password length there (passLength).

I did search the web for an existing solution before writing my own. I found quite a few bookmarklets that generate a unique password based on your master password and the place that you want to use the password for. It wasn’t my case. I needed passwords for new ftp or mysql users, this kind of stuff.

To be honest, I haven’t tested it in anything else than Firefox, the only true browser ;-)

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  1. T.J. Crowder says:

    Cool! I’m really starting to enjoy bookmarklets.

    And Firefox isn’t the only browser. There’s also Chrome. ;-) And Safari, for our iOS friends…

  2. T.J. Crowder says:

    Works in Chrome, Opera, and Safari (all on Windows). Works in IE7 if you allow the “scripted window”.

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