Alternative icon for Eclipse IDE

Each year we have the pleasure of switching to a new version of Eclipse. And by pleasure I mean both shades of the word. Cool new features and boring migration. I usually fight my laziness for quite some time and migrate my projects gradually. Thanks folks for keeping Eclipse isolated so that I can run both versions simultaneously. I’m getting to my point now: I needed a new icon that would distinct the new version from the old one.

After a proper googling I came to a conclusion that there simply isn’t one I could just download and use (ico for Windows). So I searched through the Galileo directory and found a nice gif icon:

C:\Program Files\Eclipse 3.5 PDT\configuration\org.eclipse.osgi\bundles\162\1\.cp\feature.gif

Then I googled for an online ico creator and found iConvert that can not only create Windows icons but also Mac and Linux icons.
Click, click and I was finally able to link my shortcut to a new icon. Perfect!

Update: Are you looking for more icons? Check out Eclipse Icon Archive Tool. You can download 25 MB of icons. That’s over 47 thousand images used in Eclipse related projects. Over 19 thousand unique image file names. I’m sure it’s more than you can eat.

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