The reason why I have ever started this blog was to share good ideas with you, the accidental visitor. And hopefully to learn new things through your comments.

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I plan to end all of my posts with a set of questions to stir up the conversation and to guide your comments to topics that I’m insterested in. Read further to see what I come up with to start.

Question 1

As far as I know OOP encourages programmers to use a lot of small-task classes and methods as opposed to a little of big-task methods/functions. I understand the advantages but how do you ensure that all methods and their purpose is known to all programmers so that they actually use them instead of writting their own again?
Do you print a diagram of the whole system each month and post it on the office wall?

Question 2

The only projects I deal with are web pages or intranet/extranet applications. For a simple booking script would you still use OOP or would you not mind using well structured linear programming? By well structured I mean a library with shared functions, associative arrays with definitions, constants for types etc. If you would intentionally use OOP (that means not just because you are used to it) then why?

Well, thanks in advance for your comments. Hopefully we all will benefit.

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