How to delete AppSlipRotate.prc and StatusBarLib.prc if you’re stuck in a reset loop

I bought Palm TX recently and I’m still in that period of time when you install new stuff and discover what’s out there to try. On my old Palm V I loved a text entry application Fitaly. I just had to have it on my new Palm as well.

Although I should have read the manual I didn’t and installed AppSlipRotate.prc and StatusBarLib.prc

After Hotsync my Palm went into a never ending reset loop. A system reset helped with the loop however, my silk screen area and status bar were gray with nothing on them and when I pressed the Applications button I went into reset again.

I found out that I was able to use my Contacts button to launch my Contacts application. I was also able to access Buttons configuration in Settings so I decided to assign a file manager to my Contact button and remove the two troublesome files.

Soon I discovered that I can run only text-based applications which unfortunately excluded Resco Explorer (probably the best file manager out there).
FileZ and LeftOvers were two recommended solutions I found during my search. FileZ caused my Palm to reset immediately, LeftOvers reset after I tried to delete the files.

So I installed pz. I couldn’t directly delete the two files because my Palm would reset each time pz wanted to display a confirmation pop-up window (Are you sure you want to delete…). I decided to change their file type first, from aexo to something else that won’t be executed after reset. I must have been something meaningful so I chose panl (Settings panel).

After another system reset I recovered my silk screen and status bar although, normal reset still threw me into a reset loop. This time though, I was able to get past the confirmation pop-up and finally delete the files with pz.

Next reset was really the last reset I had to do. Things are back to normal. Thank the Palm God!

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