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Ganymede / PHPEclipse – not a good choice for debugging CakePHP

Friday, November 14th, 2008

After hours of trying I finally conclude that CakePHP cannot be debugged in Eclipse 3.4.1 (Ganymede) and PHPEclipse (XDebug).

My webroot is set to app/webroot and Eclipse stops on a breakpoint only if it’s in app/webroot/index.php
Even after it stops there it won’t stop on a next breakpoint that is set in my controller.

The only working solution I found is downgrading to Eclipse 3.3.2 (Europa) and PDT 1.0.3.v20080603. Fortunately both can run side by side so in theory, I can write new code in Ganymede and debug in Europa but that sucks. Programming is a constant debugging.

I could try to switch from XDebug to DBG. Maybe I will next time I have a day that I can waste.


New PDT 2.0.0.v20081030-1802 works with Ganymede/XDebug just fine. It also has features I have been missing like Mark Occurrences – one more reason for switching. It doesn’t have support for chm help files though (PHPEclipse does) and is generally slower than PHPEclipse.